IPowerWeb Review

I’m not sure if this company name should be written with a capital or lower case “I.” I think the only reasons to call your company iPowerWeb is to capitalize on Apple’s very successful advertising campaign which sells everything you can imagine with a lower case “i” in front of it, in defiance of all writing conventions and with no good reason other than standing out. I suppose the whole point of advertising is to stand out, and so they are to be complimented, but I prefer a company to actually stand out for its greatness rather than a marketing quirk. To avoid the risk of offending Apple users, I should point out that I have no problem with Apple products, just their marketing which is all based on an iconic symbol that represents nothing. That said, I own an iPod.

IPowerWeb, however, has nothing whatsoever to do with apple, iPhones, iPods, or iMacs, though I’m sure your websites will be visible to Mac users, just as they would be if you used any other host out there. In any case, what is important here is the substance behind the name, so let’s take a look at that.

This company is a little hard to figure out. The front page has little information, the “view full features list” button, at the time that this review was written, leads to a page that says, in large letters, “We’re  sorry, the page you requested does not exist.” This is a fact that does not inspire confidence. Nonetheless, if you keep poking your  way around the awkwardly designed site you will learn a thing or two, such as the company is hosting over 700, 000 different websites and they’ve been around for a while.

You’ll also be able to figure out that it their most basic hosting package comes with 5 GB of storage and 250 GB of allotted data transfer in a month and web-based e-mail. That will run you about. $4.85 a month, plus $9.95 to setup and register your domain.. For only a dollar more, at $5.95 a month you can get their business package which grants unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domain hosting capabilities along with 2500 e-mail accounts.

For online merchants, the company also offers a merchant account plan at a rate of 14.95 a month. This packages gives you 2000 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and the tools to setup a catalogue of up to 50 products with integrated PayPal support, or a couple of other online merchant setups.

IPowerWeb might be interesting for people looking to setup small-scale online stores, as their package is fairly comprehensive and inexpensive. However, their basic package is very limited and if you are trying to run a store you may need a company with greater reliability. This company is a sister company of Startlogic and, while there are differences, they have a similarly bleak reputation when it comes to reliability and the quality of their advertised around the clock tech support. They’re worth checking out, but they aren’t the most confidence-inspiring operation out there.

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